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About me

Math was always my favorite subject. When the teacher's back was turned, 7-year-old little ol’ me would slowly, silently tear out the blank pages from the back of my math book — What's this richly textured paper doing in a math book anyway? — and dive into a world of doodling that sparked a lifelong passion for illustration, cartooning and imagination.


That was in Oregon. I now live in Utah with my wife and three kids, where I've been successful enough to buy my own paper and work right out in the open. I still like a good yellow No. 2, but I've added ink, watercolors, stylus, clay and wood to my pencil box. I'm a published children's book illustrator, toy designer, magazine illustrator, button maker, lunch bag daddy doodler (@artofgarth), sign maker and live caricaturist. And out of hundreds of caricatures, only one little girl has cried!


Clients include Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, The Friend magazine, Clubhouse magazine, Warner Press, Cedar Fort Publishing, and Learning A-Z.


Thanks math!

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